How to Remove Print From T-shirts

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Let’s say you have a t-shirt with vinyl lettering that you want to remove and replace with another design.  Or better yet, how can you remove print from t-shirts easily?

How can you remove heat transfer vinyl from clothing?

Of course there is more than one way to remove heat transfer vinyl. But lets talk about the easiest and most simple.
Usually I would opt for the most natural method but sometimes a good product alternative is necessary.
If you’re short on time and want to remove the vinyl quickly, then a spray product is a quick solution.
I know we should be thinking about saving the planet so if you really want to avoid chemicals, I have a few options for you.
You can try any of the following methods.

Gently scrape the vinyl with

  • an exacto knife
  • a rasor
  • a pair of craft scissors

What is Vinyl Remover

Vinyl remover is a chemical solvent that removes vinyl from textiles and fabrics.
Most vinyl remover products will be in a liquid or gel like form.

What is the Best Decal Remover

The best decal remover comes down to which one you prefer.

Using a vinyl remover like AlbaChem VLR Heat Transfer Vinyl Letter Remover – No. 1020 will make it really easy to take off the lettering and reuse your t-shirt for another design.

Goo Gone is another solvent that will remove vinyl. You can get it in a spray bottle which may make it easier to use.

Steps to Remove Vinyl From Clothes

Pro Tip – Make sure you are in a well-ventilated space and wear gloves and safety glasses to protect your hands and eyes. 

​1)   Before starting, always test a small area of the clothing. You don’t want to  damage your shirt.

2)   Turn your shirt inside out.  You want the vinyl to be on the opposite side.

3)   Pour the vinyl letter remover solvent directly onto the fabric or pour the solvent onto a dry cloth and dab the cloth on the fabric.   It may smell like rubbing alcohol but it dries fast and the smell goes away quickly.

4)   Turn your shirt back to the right side and start peeling off the vinyl where you applied the solvent. It should peel away very easily.

5)   Repeat if necessary. If you still have some residue, pour a little more solvent onto a cloth and rub it out.

6)   Let it dry then wash the shirt by itself using the recommended care instructions on the tag.

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